Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Job Well Done

We all piled into the car and headed South to St. Cloud. Upon getting to our destination, we were greeted with hugs an kisses as she was leaving for the Osceola Heritage Park for the services. Soon after, we once again piled into the cars and headed there too! We pulled into the parking lot, which by the way was packed full of cars, and parked. We all got out of our cars and walked down to the entrance to join the many people standing in line! In about 20 to 25 minutes, we were finally allowed to go in and find seats. Now,... here we all sit, saying goodbye, with tear filled eyes and a glint of pride, to yet another chapter, and "HELLO" to all the new challenges as she embarks on the next phase of her life! My granddaughter, Tiffanie, graduated from high school Thursday May 27th. It doesn't seem possible! It just seems like yesterday that she had started school! Where did the time go?
Tiffanie came into this world on July 4 1992, and has been our firecracker ever since! Now, is where I get to invoke Grandparents rights! That's right,...I get to brag about her! lol This firecracker has graduated with honors! Mu Alfa Theta and National Honor Society for this year. Out of 377 students in her class, she was the 10th highest in grade point average with a whopping 4.38! (The highest was a 4.7). There was a total of 72 students that had a 3.5 or above grade point average in her class.

Tiffanie has been in JROTC (Junior Reserves Officers Training Corps) since first starting high school, and finished in the position of Battalion Commander, the highest rank available cadet officers in the program can achieve. She was crowned Queen at the military ball, and has donated over 250 hours of community service through the JROTC program. She was Social Chair Officer of this years Honor Society, and was on the JROTC Drill Team, Raiders Team, and Sabers Team! She was awarded Cadet of the year, Superior Cadet, and Over-all Leadership Cadet. She has already completed 6 college classes, 2 in her Junior year and 4 in her senior year! In addition with her Bright Futures scholarship, her scholastic ability has earned her $38,000 towards her college education. Tiffanie has been accepted at and will start in August. Her major is going to be in forensic analyst, and her minor will be in psychology. Kudos to her! Don't know where she found time for everything!

Tiffanie,...keep following YOUR dreams, honey, and don't settle for second best in anything! Set your sights High! Reach for the stars! Always remember your family and friends wish you the very best that life has to offer. We love you and congratulate you on the, Terrific job that you have done! We Are Proud Of You!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18th Surprise attack!

Well, after reading Danna's (my GOOD FRIEND and Neighbor) remarks about what her doctor told
her about taking better care of herself, I decided to take action! Neither one of us went to
bed last night until after 1:00am. We were both working on our perspective endeavors, seems
like we have another thing in common, we are night owls! Upon awakening at 7:30, I got up,
left Bandit out (my Shih Tzu), fed him and my outside dog, fixed myself a cup of coffee, and
preceded to map out my agenda for my SURPRISE attack! After all, what are friends for, Right?

About 8:17am, I gave her a call. Needless to say, she didn't answer her phone. I figured she
was STILL in bed! WHAT SANE PERSON WOULDN'T BE! But,... she called me back about 9:00
and she asked me if I had call her. (She was trying VERY hard to sound as if she had been up!)  :)
I told her I did and asked if I woke her up, knowing full well I had, which she confirmed. I said to her,
"Get dressed, drink your coffee, cause we are going walking.  No procrastinating!" She had the
option to say she couldn't for one reason or another, but, she was a trouper and said, "I'll meet
you outside when I'm ready." A few minutes later, she was walking across the street. I locked
up, and met her. We started off, first down our street, then over to the 2nd street. Now mind you,
we were walking at a good pace. By this time, Danna started to slow down. I mentioned this to
her, an she said to remember that she wasn't use to walking at that pace! So I slowed down a
little....don't want to make her toooo tired and sore! Now, we only have 4 streets in our allotment, so
when we got up to the end of the street, we went down the street we missed and came up our street.
So in all, we walked 3 of our 4 streets! Not bad for a first walk! Unfortunately, I didn't time us.
Oh well, can't remember everything! Lol

Well, after we got home, Danna wrote on my Facebook wall. " Danna Crawford  Thank you Donna for
dragging my butt down the street and getting me to start walking! {{{{Donna}}}}!"  Now I ask you
truthfully, does that sound like she really was sincere??? HaHa. I simply wrote back saying, " No problem! I enjoyed it! Do it again Thursday am around 8:30ish."  To that she promptly replied, "Oh wow, you mean we have to do this again???? ;) I have it on my calendar but if it rains we will cancel! **praying for rain** lol Joking, I am giving thanks to you as my friend! {{{Donna}}}} I wrote back, "Ha ha! Twice a week! Tuesday and Thursday if you aren't busy! Now don't you go and book something! LOL  :) It is cooler in the mornings!"

All an All, she was a pretty good egg about the whole thing! The Yolks on you! But in my defense, she had mentioned to me about walking with her sometime! So Danna,.... little did you know that, YOU would be the next topic for my blog!

I thank you! I had fun planning  your surprise attack, and had a WONDERFUL start to my day with you!
Enjoy the rest of your day!

HUGZZ to you!  :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

To My Mom

Mom, I love you and miss you more than can be expressed. You were my best friend, my confidant, my inspiration, my role model, my rock, but most of all, the best mom I could have had, and you were mine! You were always there for me no matter what. Through thick an thin, I always knew that you would be there for me to lean on! So with that said, I repeat what I wrote for you on your memory card:

In Memory of Mom

When God calls someone special
To dwell with Him above,
We mortals sometime question
The wisdom of His love.
He saw that she was getting weary
Of the struggle and the fight,
So He wrapped His arms around her
And He took her home that night.

A golden heart stopped beating
As she closed her eyes to rest,
God broke our hearts to prove to us,
That He only takes the best!

Until the time we meet again,
On those streets of gold,
You'll always live within our heart
And all the memories that it holds.

               I love you Mom