Thursday, October 21, 2010


Oh my Goodness!  Where do I start? There is so much I can say about VOL and their members! Every time I attend a VOL class/webinars, I learn something new! Everyone who has hosted one has been exceptional teachers! They know what they are talking about, and are just GREAT! I just wish I had a photographic memory! They all have had good ideas on a variety of subjects. Right now, I am just starting to blog, but I hope to one day get brave enough to try selling on eBay. I buy things, but have never sold anything. Danna keeps telling me to "Just jump in there!" one of her favorite things to say! LOL  I guess I just don't have enough confidence in myself yet. I probably wouldn't have started blogging if it hadn't been for her! Danna is my "security" blanket! LOL I'm sure she gets tired of all my questions, but she has never not answered them. VOL is
 a constant fountain of information through all of its members. You learn a lot of new ideas and the CORRECT way of doing things to help you on the road to success. There is ALWAYS someone to help you, and are never alone. They are a group of fantastic people!   Thanks a bunch to all of you!


There are those who are very special to each of us......Maybe not throughout our lives, maybe not for very long, maybe only in passing.  But they make up the most beloved and cherished group we each have.  These are our nearest angels and often we are theirs too.  The pathways of angels are marked by beautiful moments, tender gestures, sweet gifts to the soul.....

To find all your angels, just remember......the mark of an angel is love. Angels are everywhere.  They manifest their love through every heart, every honest smile, every act of kindness, every constructive thought.  Their signature is everything that grows, every selfless desire, every playful pirouette of the soul....

Seek an angel with an open heart, and you shall always find one.  The only way to know an angel is by your feelings.  Angels may not always come when you call them, but they will come when you need them.....

An angel is someone who helps you believe in miracles again.  Sometimes you know angels only by the miracles they leave blossoming in their path after they are gone.  An angel is someone you're always happy  to bump into.  An angel is someone who raises your spirits.  An angel is someone you feel you've known forever even though you've just met.....

Anyone who helps you grow is a angel.  Angels make you feel welcome in this world.  Angels encourage your best qualities and hidden talents.  An angel gives you those gentle pats on the back you sometimes need to keep going......

Angels give you direction. Angels gently push you out of your little self and into the broad arena of love. Angels remind you that you are enough.....

Angels help you see your life in a better light.  An angel is someone who helps bring out the angel in you.
Are you an angel to someone?


It was a dark and stormy night that October 29th!
Not the moon, nor stars would twinkle with their light!
The lightening streaked across the sky,
While the BIG, BLACK clouds went rushing by.
In the distance, the thunder clapped,
As the horses hooves went clickety-clack.
For the storm was close, I ad no doubt!

Then all of a sudden, the lightening struck,
It hit a tree and split the trunk!
The horses were scared and started to run,
From side to side the wagon swung!
Out of the wagon I was thrown,
Landing in a heap, I was alone.
Up I sat and looked around,
Nothing familiar was to be found!

Cautiously I walked, looking around, straining my eyes to see,
Rain was pounding harder and the wind blew against me!
Then, as the lightening flashed again, I saw it standing there!
I screamed and ran as fast as I could, running through the trees!
All at once, it got me! Wrapping its fingers around my foot, and yanking me off my feet!
The last thing I remember as I fell upon the ground,
Was the rain upon my face, then blackness all around!

I awoke sometime later, with the sun upon my face,
Looking around and finding out that everything's in place.
The fingers that had grabbed me and yanked me off my feet,
Was nothing more than ivy, growing in the heat!
The Monster that was standing there beside the road last night,
Was only Mr. Scarecrow waving his arms with all his might!
So just remember, when the thunder rolls and the lightening strikes,
Don't let your imagination put you in a fright!
             HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

                                                                             Author: Donna Troxell


Holiday Memories

  The Holidays are fast approaching, and nothing reminds us more of Mom's kitchen than the great smells of cinnamon and spices! When I came across this recipe and remembered that good smell, I thought I would share it.Maybe some of you have it already, and maybe some of you have thought, "Gee, I wish I knew how to make those". So, here it is:



                                                      CINNAMON ORNIMENTS
Mix 3/4 cup to 1 cup applesauce with 1 - 1.2ounce bottle of ground cinnamon to form a STIFF dough.  Roll out dough to 1/4 inch thickness. Cut with cookie cutters. Make a hole for ribbon for hanging.

Carefully put "cookies" on wire rack to dry for several days, turning occasionally. OR you can bake them at 125 degrees for 8 hours, turning occasionally.

SPECIAL NOTE:  Make sure to have extra cinnamon on hand in case your dough is not thick enough to roll.

Makes about 12 Sweet Smelling Ornaments to hang anywhere!


My granddaughter has just opened a new business on line. She is making bows, headbands, tutus, and bracelets for babies and toddlers! These accessories are all hand made. With Christmas right around the corner, why don't you take the time, and take a look and find that special little princes some accessories made just for her with love. Below, you will find her web site address as well as a link to it. Thanks....and ENJOY YOUR SHOPPING!

My granddaughter site CLICK HERE TO VIEW


Three times a week, Danna and I go to Curves to exercise. We go the same route usually every time. We see this man, dancing, and waving at all the vehicles as they go by to read his sign for the Cactus Car Wash.

He is sooo funny you can't help laughing at him! He really knows how to draw everyone's attention! As we all have to sit at the light waiting for it to turn green, we have entertainment! He looks like he is really enjoying his work! He dances around, waving his cactus hat, motioning to everyone who passes to come to the car wash! We enjoyed watching him so much, that Danna decided to take a video of him.

Well, I drove this morning, and saw him standing on his corner, and turned the car back around so we could catch him from the other street to video tape him. We were stopped at the light about 2 cars away, and Danna stuck her arm out the window, and started the tape. We were laughing so hard she could hardly hold the camera still! When the light turned green, I slowly moved up and around the corner. That's when he saw us! He put on a BIG grin and went into his jig! We all were laughing as we went by. This man was really drawing attention to the car wash by his innovated ideas! Other sign holders could take a lesson from this creative man! I hope when your vehicle needs washed you stop into the Cactus Car Wash! So here is the video that we captured of the infamous "Cactus Man"!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Enjoying my grand and great grand!

Well, after a wonderful time with my granddaughter and great granddaughter, I had to say, so-long! They had to take that 5 hour trip home, back to their daily lives. On the bright side, they are coming back next month! I can't wait! The time goes so fast when they are here. I can't get over how much that little girl has changed in her looks. At 18 months, she is losing her baby looks, and looks like a beautiful little girl! She is growing up way to fast! Her mama says she is to smart too! LOL While she was here, she came to me an said "Gama, Gama," as she crooked her little fingers for me to follow her. So I did. She went to the pantry, and reached up, and took the container with cookies in it down off the shelf and gave it to me, with a VERY endearing look! Come on now, you all know that look! LOL Well, I tried not to laugh as I said, "We have to ask Mommy first!" She looked at Mommy to see what she was going to say. Mommy said it was OK, so I opened the container, and held it down so she could help herself. She put her little hand in, and took only one cookie. She took it and went over to give it to Mommy, but Mommy said she didn't want one. She immediately took the cookie apart and ate the filling out! She used to do that when she was younger, then ate the cookie, but now she just eats the filling an leaves the cookie! Ha! Ha! My neighbor, Danna Crawford came over, and wanted to take her picture. She took her camera and told Peyton to say cheese. Peyton looked at her and smiled and said, "Cheese!" Danna started laughing and said, "What a HAM! She poses for her pictures!" Who needs to watch TV when there is an 18 month old in the house! They are entertaining enough! Needless to say, I miss them very much and can't wait to see them again! Their visits are always to short! I'm sure all you Moms, Dads, Grandparents, and Great Grandparents understand what I'm talking about! I hope you all have a blessed day! Till next time....
Grama Donna

Friday, October 1, 2010

1st Social Networking Event with is "Twitter"

Just returned from Denny's restaurant, where Danna Crawford presented a free class on how twitter can help your business. We had a good turn out, and learned about twitter. A few of us, myself included, had no idea what twitter was all about. Danna explained how to sign in, how to make the  profile, how to market your business weather it is selling on eBay, or blogging. She told us about the #, (hash tags), and how to use them. Danna explained how the use of twitter can direct traffic to our blogs, and our eBay stores. We got a lot of information from other guests as well as from Danna! After Danna's presentation, she opened the floor for discussion. We then had a chance to socialize a little. All an all, we had a very delightful, and informational, informal meeting! I'm sure everyone there had as good a time as I did. KODOS to you Danna, once again on a job well done!

Thanks an hugs, Danna!