Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Outing 4/24/2010

Good evening! Today my daughter, Denise, and I had a wonderful day! We decided to go the the Market of Marion! It is a very nice flea and farmers market just South of  Belleview, Fl. on U.S. 441. I think everyone could find something to buy there! We walked around and looked at a lot of nice items! Pretty jewelry, kitchen gadgets, books, clothes, cook ware, baking items, games, food, and etc, etc. They even have fresh fruits and vegetables. Everything at a very reasonable price! I don't even think the guys would get bored walking around, as they have tools and gadgets for you too, so don't you guys get upset!  You just might want to go along so we women don't spend to much money! Ha, Ha!  I bought some delicious strawberries, beautiful Red Delicious apples, sweet as sugar green seedless grapes, and some vine ripened Big Boy tomatoes! Yummy!

After we were through walking around, we decided to come back to Ocala, and go to Olive Garden for lunch.  We both got soup and salad with unlimited salad and scrumptious bread sticks! Oh my goodness! I was so full by the time we left! When I finely got home, it was close to 5:00pm! We had spent the entire afternoon on our outing! Oh how time flies when you are enjoying yourself!  Am looking forward to another excursion with her!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ode To Tinkerbell

Who is Tinkerbell? Let me introduce her to you. She was born on April 21, 1998, and passed away April 18, 2010. She was a beautiful chocolate and tan Pomeranian! Both her mom and dad were champions. At the time of Tinkerbell's death, she was almost 12 years old. (That's 84 in dog years so I've been told), and weighed 6 pounds. My mom got her in 2001 after the death of her Pomeranian. By this time, Tinkerbell was an adult and had one puppy and could not have anymore. When mom first saw her, she felt so  sorry for her and couldn't let her go back. Tinkerbell was so afraid of everything, and her beautiful chocolate coat was matted and shaggy! Mom's heart went out those sorrowful looking brown eyes, and she fell in love with her. Tinkerbell was underweight, and had a mouth full of bad teeth.. After seeing the veterinarian, mom was told she had to have 18 pulled on the bottom. That left her with only 9 teeth there!

After all mom's love and tender loving care, Tinkerbell finally wasn't quit so afraid and become a very pampered little girl! She never learned to play with toys, but she gave you enjoyment and comfort only a dog can.She never expected anything, but gave you her loyalty and love.

In 2004, I retired and went to help mom with my step-father. After he passed away, mom and I became  "Snowbirds"! On one of our trips to Florida, I acquired a 1 1/2 year old Shih Tzu. His name is Bandit, and he treated Tinkerbell like she was his mother! She was the boss, even  though he was bigger and out weighted her. They would play and run around around  the house! When Tankerbell had enough, she let him know it! If she wanted his food, treats or anything else he had, Bandit would let her have it! Both dogs traveled great in their kennel when we drove back and forth from Ohio to Florida.

Mom passed away in 2008, and I became Tinkerbell's owner. I worried about her because I was afraid she would mourn herself to death over mom's passing. Both Tinkerbell and Bandit took it hard, but we all got through it without to many problems. I think it helped that Bandit and myself were already a part of her pack. Tinkerbell was still being spoiled, but not quit as much! I couldn't just sit and hold her like mom did. LOL She still knew she was loved and pampered.

Bandit looks for her all over the house, and I know time will take care of that as it will for me. Its just that he doesnt understand where she is. Tinkerbell is missed by Bandit and myself very much, but will live on in our hearts just as mom does.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Las Palmas Latin (Cuban & Columbia) Restaurant

Today my neighbor,Ms Danna and I went for the first time to a Latin restaurant in downtown Ocala, Fl., called Las Palmas. It is located at 506 S. Pine Ave. in the plaza next to the Ocala police department. Neither Danna or I have ever been there before. We were invited to attend a meeting with some of the local business professionals who meet there every Wednesday at 12:30pm. We were seated at one long table. I was surprised to see that many in attendance. We ate and had our meeting.

Our waiter was very professional and friendly. The service was good and the menu is very reasonable. Ms Danna had the grilled chicken breast sandwich served with onions,peppers,lettuce,tomatoes,and cheese. I had a Cuban sandwich consisting of ham,pork,Swiss cheese,pickles and mustard. They were both served with a 1oz. bag of chips. YUM,YUM! Are you hungry yet? We both were full by the time we ate one half of our sandwiches! We had to get to-go boxes. (Cant waste GOOD food)! They also have INTERNET so you can eat and work on your computers at the same time!

We both are looking forward to another visit! If you like Colombian and Cuban cuisine, this is a good place to eat. If you've never tried it before, stop in and try it out. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

African-American Festival

The African-American Festival, at the Appleton Museum of Art is GREAT! My good friend and neighbor, Danna Crawford, and myself spent a most interesting, educational as well as enjoyable 2 1/2 hours there!

We were entertained by the FANTASTIC folk and traditional storyteller, J'miah Nabawi, who captivated us with his telling of stories that included games, props and audience participation in the auditorium. We enjoyed stories about Bruh Rabbit, river rocks, and sweet potato pies and more!

We then strolled through the African-American exhibit, marveling at all the artworks of more than 50 African-American artists from the 1940s to today. They describe the chronological history of the southern culture in their works of art. Many of these were from personal and/or family experiences.

We then went upstairs and was thoroughly inspired by the BEAUTIFUL paintings we found there! We ended our excursion at the exhibit of O.L.Samuels, where he entertained us with his own story telling of his inspired hand carved wood sculptures of many colors, paint and glitter! O.L.Samuels,taught himself wood carving in the early 80s. His works are found in several permanent museum collections including the Arkansas Arts Center and the Smithsonian American Art Museum, and in many private collections.

Thumbs up for this experience!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Obsidian Trilogy, Merecdes Lackey,book review

Calling everyone who likes to read Fantasy Fiction! Ever read any books written by Mercedes Lackey? They are ABSOLUTELY SPELL BINDING! Makes you want to read more and more of them! They are filled full of fantasy action including Elves, Knights, Unicorns, Dragons, and other enchanting creatures!

We must not forget the Kings and Queens, and all the magical things that happens when both the human and non-humans alike ban together to fight evil! All wrapped around into the great captivating world of magical storytelling! They leave you, the reader, satisfied, but yet wanting more!

There are three books titled; The Outstretched Shadow, (book 1),To Light a Candle, (book 2), and When Darkness Falls, (book 3).

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

history of ocala video

good video

First post

Hello! Welcome to my blog. My name is Donna, and I have 6 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren.