Saturday, September 25, 2010

W&M Day At Curves, September

Well, I am again! There has been a little time that has past since I last posted a blog.  My mind has been wondering about what to blog about., and that has been my hold up! I thought I would just say a few things about my activities. As I have stated in the past, I do walk 2 x’s a week and go to Curves, thanks to Silver Sneakers, to work out 3 x’s a week with my good friend and neighbor Danna.  We had a weigh in again, (actually, this one is the second one), and my report was OK. Danna’s, on the other hand, was Fantastic! She has lost over 5 lbs, and I’m sorry that I don’t remember her other losses, but believe me when I say, SHE is doing an awesome job!!  I, on the other hand, have a problem. You see, I don’t get hungry! I know, some of you might say that would be GREAT! It really isn’t, cause you eat something just because you know you have to, and not because you want to. I have been known to eat just once or twice a day! Of course as you know, that isn’t good for you. So, when I weighed in last month, I confided in Joyce, who is the owner of Curves and is the most delightful person, about my problem with my appetite. I will say, that I also was not taking vitamins, or any supplements. My measurements stayed the same, except my weight loss was 1lb, and waist loss was ½ inch. My body fat percent, however, increased by .60%! I couldn’t understand this. After hearing of my problem, she said that possibly since I don’t eat right that I have loss muscle tone. She advised me to eat 4 or 5 small meals, take a multi-vitamin, and increase my protein per day. Well, I now take a multi-vitamin, and eat more protein. Eat the snack bars, and try to eat more through out the day. Well, we just weighed in and measured again for this month. I have gained in all my measurements a total of 1 ½ inches, gained 2 ½ lbs, and gained .10% body fat! However, I have lost ½ inch in my abdomen! Joyce is pleased, and said good job working on the nutrition! She said that for my build an etc. that my top weight should be about 138, and really everything else is about where it should be. So,...I don’t know....I would like to weigh at the lowest 125 to 130 lbs., and lose some of the body fat. Oh well,...maybe next month I will level out if I keep on with the nutrition. Guess we are never really satisfied! I do want to keep fit though. At 68, life isn’t as long as it use to be when I was 21! Ha! Ha! With that,
my wish for all of you who read this, is to keep fit!
Have a blessed day.