Friday, July 30, 2010

D.DAY!.........Rather M&W Day is today!

Well Folks, as some of you might know, Danna and I have been working out at Curves this past month! She joined, and I am able to participate through Silver Sneakers! Well, is Measure and Weight day! The dreaded day we find out how we are doing!  I am happy to say, that.. Danna and I BOTH have LOST! Isn't that Great! (fan fare)....wait.. for it,....I have lost a total of 3 inches; lost 1/2 pound; and .80% BMI! Danna has a lost a total ooooof,......3.5 inches; lost 2.5 pounds; and .4% BMI!! YOU GO GIRL! I am soooooo PROUD of her! Just think, one month ago, she could hardly walk around the block without getting winded! Today, she walks around 4 blocks, and is just slightly winded! She has been working very hard, and it has paid off!!! If she keeps going the way she is, we will see a NEW  Danna by the time she goes to California! That is her goal by the way!!  Soooooo,  a BIG congratulations to us both! Our routine is work out 3 days a week for 1/2 an hour, and walk 2, days so, she has a full week trying to do this and keeping up with all of her other projects! I am happy to be able to enjoy her company. She is always up-beat, (even when she is tired) and optimistic! We have a great time together, and I'm happy to call her friend! So, that said, lets all get behind her and give her that extra support to keep up the GREAT work!

DANNA,......HUGZZZ to you! Till next time.....your friend and neighbor, Donna

To read more of Danna's success, visit her link!