Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Las Palmas Latin (Cuban & Columbia) Restaurant

Today my neighbor,Ms Danna and I went for the first time to a Latin restaurant in downtown Ocala, Fl., called Las Palmas. It is located at 506 S. Pine Ave. in the plaza next to the Ocala police department. Neither Danna or I have ever been there before. We were invited to attend a meeting with some of the local business professionals who meet there every Wednesday at 12:30pm. We were seated at one long table. I was surprised to see that many in attendance. We ate and had our meeting.

Our waiter was very professional and friendly. The service was good and the menu is very reasonable. Ms Danna had the grilled chicken breast sandwich served with onions,peppers,lettuce,tomatoes,and cheese. I had a Cuban sandwich consisting of ham,pork,Swiss cheese,pickles and mustard. They were both served with a 1oz. bag of chips. YUM,YUM! Are you hungry yet? We both were full by the time we ate one half of our sandwiches! We had to get to-go boxes. (Cant waste GOOD food)! They also have INTERNET so you can eat and work on your computers at the same time!

We both are looking forward to another visit! If you like Colombian and Cuban cuisine, this is a good place to eat. If you've never tried it before, stop in and try it out. You might be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Mmmmmmm sounds good! There's nothing like good food!!