Thursday, October 21, 2010


Oh my Goodness!  Where do I start? There is so much I can say about VOL and their members! Every time I attend a VOL class/webinars, I learn something new! Everyone who has hosted one has been exceptional teachers! They know what they are talking about, and are just GREAT! I just wish I had a photographic memory! They all have had good ideas on a variety of subjects. Right now, I am just starting to blog, but I hope to one day get brave enough to try selling on eBay. I buy things, but have never sold anything. Danna keeps telling me to "Just jump in there!" one of her favorite things to say! LOL  I guess I just don't have enough confidence in myself yet. I probably wouldn't have started blogging if it hadn't been for her! Danna is my "security" blanket! LOL I'm sure she gets tired of all my questions, but she has never not answered them. VOL is
 a constant fountain of information through all of its members. You learn a lot of new ideas and the CORRECT way of doing things to help you on the road to success. There is ALWAYS someone to help you, and are never alone. They are a group of fantastic people!   Thanks a bunch to all of you!

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