Thursday, October 21, 2010


Three times a week, Danna and I go to Curves to exercise. We go the same route usually every time. We see this man, dancing, and waving at all the vehicles as they go by to read his sign for the Cactus Car Wash.

He is sooo funny you can't help laughing at him! He really knows how to draw everyone's attention! As we all have to sit at the light waiting for it to turn green, we have entertainment! He looks like he is really enjoying his work! He dances around, waving his cactus hat, motioning to everyone who passes to come to the car wash! We enjoyed watching him so much, that Danna decided to take a video of him.

Well, I drove this morning, and saw him standing on his corner, and turned the car back around so we could catch him from the other street to video tape him. We were stopped at the light about 2 cars away, and Danna stuck her arm out the window, and started the tape. We were laughing so hard she could hardly hold the camera still! When the light turned green, I slowly moved up and around the corner. That's when he saw us! He put on a BIG grin and went into his jig! We all were laughing as we went by. This man was really drawing attention to the car wash by his innovated ideas! Other sign holders could take a lesson from this creative man! I hope when your vehicle needs washed you stop into the Cactus Car Wash! So here is the video that we captured of the infamous "Cactus Man"!


  1. I like that video. He seems like a fun kind of guy and doesnt mind having people laugh with him. lol

  2. That really put a smile on my face too. We have a pizza shop guy who does that near us and I always have to wave and smile at him. Bet they don't have to go to Curves!

  3. Now that's what it's all about! LOVING YOUR JOB! and I would have to say he does. Thanks for sharing such a fun post. If I lived in Ocala, I can tell you I would be a regular at this car wash :)