Friday, October 1, 2010

1st Social Networking Event with is "Twitter"

Just returned from Denny's restaurant, where Danna Crawford presented a free class on how twitter can help your business. We had a good turn out, and learned about twitter. A few of us, myself included, had no idea what twitter was all about. Danna explained how to sign in, how to make the  profile, how to market your business weather it is selling on eBay, or blogging. She told us about the #, (hash tags), and how to use them. Danna explained how the use of twitter can direct traffic to our blogs, and our eBay stores. We got a lot of information from other guests as well as from Danna! After Danna's presentation, she opened the floor for discussion. We then had a chance to socialize a little. All an all, we had a very delightful, and informational, informal meeting! I'm sure everyone there had as good a time as I did. KODOS to you Danna, once again on a job well done!

Thanks an hugs, Danna!

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