Thursday, May 19, 2011

Weight and Measurement Day at CurvesToday Update!!

Well, today was our weight and measurement day at Curves, located at 500 SW 10th St. Ste 301. The owner, Joyce Hunnicutt, weighed and measured myself, as well as my partner in crime and next door neighbor, and DEAR FRIEND, Danna Crawford. LOL We visit this establishment usually 3 times a week, on Mon. Wed. and Fri., and walk on Tue. and Thur.. We have been going now for... 12 months!! OMGosh!! Has it been that long?? It doesn't feel like it!  :)  When I look back at the very first time we went, back on June of 2010 to the present date, I am discouraged as the difference isn't much!! :(   You see, I don't know about you, but I fluctuate so much from month to month! Sometimes more and sometimes less! Making  it hard to set your goals and stick to them! Example, I started out with a BMI (body-mass index ) of 23, and ended with 23.2! If your BMI is LESS than 25, regardless of age, puts you at the lowest risk of death from ALL causes----except smoking! Between 25 & 30 reflects mild to moderate overweight, and constitutes only a risk- except if you are diabetic, high blood pressure, or very high cholesterol level. BMI  higher than 30 is bad news and requires action! I guess I should be glad that my BMI is less than 25, and my WHR, (waist to hip ratio) is 0.79!

Do you know how to figure your BMI and your WHR (waist to hip ratio)? Multiply your weight in pounds by
700, then twice divide the results by your height in inches. Example if you are 5' tall and weigh 200 pounds, you would multiply 200 by 700, which makes 140,000. 5 feet equals 60 inches, so dividing 140,000 by 60 gets 2,333 which divided again by 60, gives the final figure of 38.9 BMI.

To figure your WHR, you would measure your belly when it is completely relaxed, measure your waist at its narrowest. Divide that number in inches by the widest circumference of your hips, where your buttocks are most prominent. A WHR grater than 0.85 in women, and 0.95 in men is involving risk.

Figure your BMI and WHR, and if you are in the danger zone, PLEASE see your doctor and start exercising and walking and read the labels of the food you eat. You'll be surprised at how much better you feel. Always consult your doctor before starting an exercise program to make sure you are in good enough health to do so...with that said, I wish you all GOOD health! :)

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