Saturday, November 20, 2010



Today, November 18th, my grandson Clayton, my (extended) grandson Casey, and myself decided to go to the movies. We all decided on the premiere of this one, (thank you)so I got on line, and ordered our tickets. Being that I have never done this before, I asked Casey how to do it. When we got them ordered, and got the conformation with a link to print tickets in my email, I asked Casey if we will get 3, or just 1 copy. He said 1, only need the conformation number and total cost. So I preceded to print. When the first one finished printing, the printer wanted more paper. So, I quickly flipped the paper over, and printed the next one on the back. The 3rd one went on a paper of its own. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come, cause I was anxious to see this movie as I have read all the books!
Friday came, and we all got into the car, and we arrived promptly on site of the Regal Hollywood 16, located at 2801 S.W. 27th Avenue. We had about 15 minutes till the show would start. I was surprised to find there wasn't a very long line at the box office! Maybe because it was the matinee. Since we already had our tickets, we went in and over to the man and gave him our prepaid ticket receipts. He said there is only 2. I told him the other one is printed on the back of the other adult one. He then told me I needed one on each paper. I asked him what I was going to do now? He very nicely told me to go over to the desk, and see if they could copy the one. I went back to the desk, but there was only 1 person working the desk, and he was busy with a lady, So I stood behind her. We stood there for a little while, then I noticed the clock! We only had a few minutes till our movie would start! I think the gentleman saw, because the next thing a lady came out of the office and asked me if she could help me. I told her what had happened and she said just a minute. She promptly returned and said "I just printed you 3 new tickets. Enjoy the movie."
I thanked her and we hurriedly went back to the ticket man and he told us to go to the right to theater 9, and enjoy the movie. Everyone was so nice and helpful even though it was MY mistake! We didn't even have a chance to get that good smelling fresh popcorn! Luckily we had just finished eating lunch! Ha!ha! (But it did SMELL Good!) We hurried into theater 9, and found some seats. It was a good thing to, because the previews of the up and coming movies were being shown. One of them that looked good was "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader 3D, PG." Opens Friday, December 10, 2010!
Finally, our movie started! We all were anxious to see how well the movie was going to be in comparison to the book! It starts out at the protection of Harry as he approaches his 18th birthday when his tracer is to be removed. At that time, he will no longer be under the protection of his mother's love. He has to be hidden in a safe place, and Mad-eye thinks he has the perfect plan by having 7 Potters when they transfer him. It seems there is a traitor among them! The movie continues, and Harry, Hermione, and Ron are on their way to complete their Quest to destroy the Horcruxes. If they do not succeed in destroying ALL of them, Valdemort will remain immortal! With a combination of the dark forces, the romantic tension, and the long-held secrets threaten to sabotage their mission in spite of their long friendships with one another. I won't spoil the movie for you, and tell you all that happens, so you will have to see the movie to see all of the details.
So, if you are looking for something to do, go see the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows: part 1. This is the last book of the series, and the first of two films of that book. I was very satisfied with this movie, and am looking forward to see the last one! I don't think you will be disappointed!

Have a GREAT day!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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